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Okay guys I know I said I won’t come online till my exams end, but seriously. Yahoo just bought Tumblr?! I don’t know what to think.
Had to get this out of my system :/

To my followers

Hey guys, sorry I have been rather inactive for a while. Had to deal with my rather terrible grades for A levels. I expected it, but I guess I underestimated the impact it had for my family and well let’s just say that I will be retaking A levels. Not the easiest of choices and definitely not the most unusual. I may be inactive till the end of December, but don’t worry, I’ll be back with vengeance.

Till then! 


My lovely followers, please follow this blog immediately!

My feels for the upcoming release of A level results

I went to a supermart in Taiwan and bought this drink with the lovely packaging. As a tourist I was trying to well, buy some typical Taiwan foodstuffs. Then to my surprise, I found that it was made in Malaysia. Well. Trade.



I will personally write each and every one of you that reblogs this a paragraph in your ask about what I think you are like in “real life” based on your blog. It will be almost that I am writing you your own book about yourself, but for just a paragraph. I will be on anon so that you wont know that its me. (Likes wont count.)

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Taking it out on someone else

When someone feels annoyed for some reason, anything that you do sparks their anger

People, please.

Anastasia is a Fox movie!

Peach Crepe in Japan :)