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Guess what? This is NOT sashimi. Well at least it’s not real fish.
It’s made of soy and is much juicer than the real stuff.
Go veg ;)

Dinner at Tsubohachi

packet tea drinks in Japan :)

One thing about the tea sold in Japan : most of them are unsweetened! Well at least I haven’t tasted one that was sweetened during my stay. I tried about six brands of tea and they are all unsweetened. Super Awesome.

Seasonal Fruit Tart <3

Chocolate Banana Tart at Fruit Paradise

Sansai Udon at Liang Court, Singapore~

though the stock (and naruto!) isn’t much veg :/

3 Brothers’ Cube Cream Puffs <3

Vegefru Choco+

Decadence du Chocolat <3